Chicken Pickle Boneless (Spicy)

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Chicken Pickle Boneless : Ingredients used to make this tasty non veg pickles are fresh Boneless Chicken, Guntur’s red chillie powder, Freedom Sunflower Oil, Fenugreek, Garlic, Salt, Mustard Seeds, Ginger-garlic paste, Vinegar, Dried coconut, Lemon juice.

Chicken Pickle Boneless: CRR Foods offers you Chicken Pickle Boneless that’s Tasty and Spicy. Best before 30 days of the preparation date. Available in 250 gms and 500 gms

Buy Chicken Pickle Boneless @ Rs. 230 for 250 gms
Buy Chicken Pickle Boneless @ Rs. 450 for 500 gms
Buy Chicken Pickle Boneless @ Rs. 650 for 1000 gms

Note: We offer Backorder on all our products that are above 500 gms. Backorders will help us prepare the pickles and powders as per your requirements and taste. For example if you need to add any extra ingredient or Need more Spicy.



Chicken Pickle Boneless is prepared using the finest quality ingredients that makes the best & tasty Andhra Style Chicken Pickle Boneless . Ingredients are  handpicked and carefully chosen by experts and the ingredients used to make this tasty non veg pickles are fresh Boneless Chicken, Guntur’s Red Chillie Powder, Freedom Sunflower Oil, Fenugreek Powder, Garlic, Salt, Mustard Seeds Powder and Garam Masala.

Normally these type of pickles are served with plain rice.

Note from our Chef: This time the product prepared is Spicy . Please order this product if you are a spicy taste lover. 

If you don’t want spicy taste then please pre order and we will prepare and deliver to you.

Chicken is said to be good for nutritious source of Vitamin B12, A, human body needs vitamin B12 for the healthy functioning of the brain and the nervous system. chicken contains vitamin B12. It also supplies international units of vitamin A, a nutrient which contributes to the proper functioning of both eyes and white blood cells.

Delivery Period: 2-5 days from the date of order.

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  1. gaya3rajasekaran (verified owner)

    The chicken pickle I ordered got it with good condition meaning no leaking of oil and so on. The weight was ok and the taste was little spicy. Overall I felt the chicken pickle was good. Will be trying more.

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