Drumstick Pickle (Munagakaya Uragaya)


Drumstick Pickle (Munagakaya Uragaya): CRR Foods offers you Drumstick Pickle (Munagakaya Uragaya) that’s Tasty and Spicy. Available in 250 gms and 500 gms.

Buy Drumstick Pickle @ Rs. 75 for 250 gms
Buy Drumstick Pickle @ Rs. 135 for 500 gms
Buy Drumstick Pickle @ Rs. 250 for 1000 gms

Note: We offer Back-order on all our products that are above 500 gms. Back-orders will help us prepare the pickles and powders as per your requirements and taste. For example if you need to add any extra ingredient or Need more Spicy.



Drumstick Pickle: Ingrediants used to make this tasty veg pickles are fresh Drumsticks, Guntur’s Red Chillie Powder, Freedom Sunflower Oil, Tamarind, Bengal Gram, Black Gram Or Urad dal and Mustard seeds.

Drumsticks is said to be good for health, regulates blood sugar levels, helps improve digestive health great for developing stronger bones, helps purifying blood, boosts immunity

Delivery Period: 2-5 days from the date of order.

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